How to Choose Baby Clothes

Buying baby clothes can be either a huge amount of fun or a nightmare, depending on your budget. Let’s face it; kids grow so fast that clothing can chew up the dollars. You can go wild and buy up big if you’re not careful. It’s very easy to get totally swept away shopping while you’re still pregnant. The chances are that if this is your first baby, you will almost certainly buy things that you don’t need or don’t suit your needs.

If you don’t know the gender of your child, it would probably be a good idea not to go on too much of a spending spree, just in case you do happen to buy the wrong color garment. If you want to buy baby clothes but don’t know your baby’s gender, mint and lemon are great colors to buy in this instance.

Although it can be very tempting, I believe it to be a good idea only to buy what is necessary for the baby for the first couple of weeks; then you will have a much better idea of exactly what you will need. For new moms who are looking to get back in shape, see bikinibody workouts – review.

So what are the vital clothing necessities you’ll need?

  1. Layettes or Footies (for sleeping)
  2. Rompers (for daywear)
  3. Singlets
  4. baby socks
  5. hats & jackets (if its cooler weather)
  6. Diapers – choose whether you will be using disposable or cloth (you will need up to a dozen per day)

Try to buy at least 6 – 10 of each and a couple of hats and jackets. You would be surprised at how much mess such a little thing can make.

Here are some tips on how to choose baby clothes.

  1. Be careful about the colors.

Be careful when the clothes are too colorful or too bright. They might contain some toxins which are safe to grown-ups but very harmful to babies. We suggest you choose baby clothes which are in light colors such as white or light beige, which are comparatively safer than those in dark colors.

  1. Be careful about the materials.

I think it is common sense that we should choose baby clothes which are made of pure cotton. Cotton baby clothes allow the skin to breathe freely and they are softer than any other clothes. When babies are wearing clothes which are made of pure cotton, they will feel more comfortable and easier to move and learn.

  1. Be careful about the buttons and zippers.

For little babies, it is not a good idea to choose clothes with buttons or zippers. Babies are so curious that they might try to put the colorful buttons into their mouths. This is very dangerous so try to avoid clothes with buttons.

Zippers are also dangerous for babies because zippers might hurt their skin and fingers. Generally speaking, we recommend clothes which are tied from the behind which is much safer.

  1. Be careful about the prices.

Babies grow fast, and sometimes you need to buy new clothes for him every month. That’s why you have to take prices into consideration. However, we don’t recommend you buy those clothes which are too cheap because safety is the most important issue for your babies.

  1. Buy at least four more pairs of socks than you need.

You should prepare more socks than you need. This is because the socks are easy to fall off and you might ignore them. We suggest you buy socks with elastic bands which should be neither too tight nor too loose.

  1. Choose clothes that can be washed by a washing machine.

Most of your baby clothes should be easily washed and dried by a washing machine. You will find it too difficult for you to wash all the clothes by hand because your baby might produce a ton of dirty clothes every day.